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Choosing the colours of your interior

The choice of colour is very important

Colours not only visually modify the size of interiors, but also create the expected characteristics. Therefore, the time dedicated to analyzing our expectations and choosing the relevant palette of colours is well spent.


Optical change of the size of interiors
With the help of colours, we can make the room look bigger or smaller. Dark, deep colours such us navy blue, purple, dark brown or black optically make the room smaller. If we want to gain the impression of the room look larger, it is better to choose light, pastel palette of colours. The colour that gives the impression of space, harmony and order is white.


Timeless palette of colours

Many of us would like to maintain the timeless character of our interiors. If we do not aim at changing the colours of the walls too often, but still wish to maintain their fancy look, the colour we may like to choose is one the shades of grey. Beiges are still popular, and they go well with different colours of the furniture. It is a convenient solution for those, who like to change the look and colours of their interiors, without having to paint the walls with a new, matching colour. It is worth mentioning, that greys are more suitable for modern interiors and beiges go well with the classical styles.


Dividing interiors with colours

Flats with open spaces have become more and more popular in the past few years. By connecting living room with kitchen we can gain one large, spacious room. Very often we try to find ways to separate different functions, eg. living and dining rooms. There is a simple solution to this. An option is to paint the room with several colours (different for the living room and different for the kitchen, for example). This way, we can optically divide the interior with fixed boundaries of its different functions.


The symbolic meaning of the colour
Prior to decision of what colour we choose, it is good to consider what effect we want to achieve. Is it a serenity and harmony, or unique, expressive characteristics? Strong, intensive colours, such us red or orange are perfect for energetic interiors. If we want the flat to be cosy and warm, let us choose beiges and browns. Green, associated with nature, will bring calmness and positive attitude. Yellow is joyful and warm, it gives the impression of being more sunny, and creates a positive atmosphere. White and grey, with a touch of black are best choice for modern flats. We should remember that our choice of colours can either make the interior cold and severe (colours such as blue, azure, white etc.) or warm and friendly (orange, red, yellow etc.).


The harmony of colours

When designing interiors, we should think about the final effect. Before we decide about a particular colour, let us match it in our minds with furniture and accessories we want to include in the room. While colours of the walls should differ from the decor of the interior, we should still remember that they are a significant background that should make the interior look coherent and harmonious as a whole.