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Designing small bathrooms


“Designing interior of a small bathroom is difficult, but it can still be done in an ergonomic and functional way. Applying a few simple tricks and solutions is enough to fit all the necessary equipment even in a small area, allowing enough space to use the room without restraint.”

Bath plays the major role

The main equipment, most difficult to arrange, is the bath. We cannot fit a big bath into small bathroom, but we can still install one. A good option is a small or medium size bath with shower and foldable, glass screen. Such bath can be used in two ways – for a relaxing bath or a quick shower. In small bathrooms, we can also install shower bath with a ready installed shower cabin, often with a hydro massage function.

If you like to use shower only, a good option in this type of interiors is to install shower with high shower tray. This solution gives the possibility to bathe small children without using an additional small bath. When planning shower for an elderly person, one should consider shallow shower tray, which will make taking the bath easy. The best choice when installing shower in a small bathroom is the system without shower tray, with line water drainage system and transparent walls, which save room and give the impression of extra space. Another advantage of this solution is the feeling of lightness of the place. There are many options for arranging, but the main criteria remains our expectations from the bathing area.


Selecting bathroom furniture

Selecting bathroom furniture is another important factor when designing a small bathroom. We should not fit too much furniture, and the ones we choose must be extremely functional and capacious. Deep drawers that may contain cosmetics and bathing accessories are a very practical solution. The furniture cannot serve for decorative purposes but it should be functional, as space is precious in our small bathroom.


Fitted furniture to meet individual needs

A good way in designing this kind of interior is to order fitted furniture. This allows to use all the space available and make it fully functional. We can arrange space over the bath or toilet and use it for storing towels, toilet paper or other accessories. There are various options for fitting furniture, all depending on the space we can use and the way we arrange particular elements of the room.


How can we make the bathroom look larger

What else can we do to make the bathroom look larger, apart from choosing the right furniture? Mirrors and photo paper walls can help. Applying them, will make the bathroom look larger and more spacious. In addition, such elements will add to the decoration of the bathroom. If we want the room to look bigger and cleaner, we can choose dark colours and cool lighting, opposite to the common belief, that only bright colours can make the room look more spacious. Such tricks will make our bathroom look stylish as opposed to small, character less interior. One should also remember that we should not place too much furniture in the small bathrooms. Such place should be spacious and comfortable to use. You may also consider whether it is absolutely necessary to have washing machine in the bathroom. If so, it is good to place it under the mirror, and thus create an extra space for storage underneath. Or you may like to fit it among the kitchen furniture, and use the bathroom space saved in this way for other purposes.

Say ‘no’ to boredom

Let us remember that small bathroom does not have to be cramped and boring. It is all  up to our imagination and skillful planning of arrangements. There are many possibilities to choose from, and the right design will help create a room which is functional, full of ideas and used with pleasure.

Amadeusz Kulczyk