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Eclecticism as a way of non-standard interior designing…

What is eclectic style?
Our Dom Art designers love the eclectic style, for being a combination of very different styles: matching old with new, soft with hard, light with dark and classic forms with modern blocks. The ability to match such extreme combinations, is the art of eclecticism. Such projects always surprise the customer, because the space is arranged to individual preferences and absolutely unique.


Controversial decor combinations often reflect in motives reminding of past epochs in art eg. classical age. Therefore, one can find some limited number of antique furniture combined with austere spaces. The more daring the designer’s project, the more spectacular effect can be achieved. Interiors designed in this style will definitely be sophisticated and original. This also is a solution for customers who have not decided whether their preferred interiors are classical or modern styles. Dom Art designers can make the choice easier by offering a combination of those two styles.


Feeling and intuition
One of the advantages of eclecticism is the possibility to get inspiration by selecting elements from the styles that we like, with the freedom of choosing the preferred elements rather than applying strictly rules of a given style. All sorts of interiors can be designed in the eclectic style. We can introduce elements of stainless steel into a rustic style living room or an antique furniture to a minimalist kitchen and thus combine them with articles going back in history to several decades before. Designers have unlimited ideas one source of control: feeling and intuition. The choice of accessories is a matter of taste, with the idea not to overload the interior. Customer makes the final decision, being the user of the newly designed interior, therefore the project is made to his or her preferences.