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Interior design in small flats

Interior design in small flats

“Small flats are especially hard to be arranged, due to limited space on the one hand, and need to fit all the furniture and accessories for every day functioning, on the other.”

How to make a small flat look larger?

The best way is to apply proven ways that will help make the space look larger and to be used to the maximum. In such interiors, each centimetre of space should be utilized, and the goal is to plan it in the adequate way, while keeping in mind the need to freely move around and to be able to open cabinets and use the necessary equipment. Despite small size, such flats should give us some freedom and rest, and this is possible, provided that they are well designed.


What colours are suitable for small interiors?

In this kind of interiors, colours play a major role. If we decide to apply a light palette of colours, we will probably make the place look brighter, and in this way add a few centimetres to the area of the flat. Bright interiors seem larger, more spacious and cleaner. It is simple to achieve. We may decide to add some stronger colours to the flat, but then, we should keep in mind that the palette of coloures and additional features should be limited to minimum. Having said that, the coloures recommended to such type of interiors are the shades of grey, beiges and white, that will give the impression of the flat being larger and will not overwhelm it as the intensive and heavy colours do.


The choice of floor

The next key element is the floor. When choosing, we should remember that in case of small flats, the suitable floor is the one made of one kind of material. This way we create a leading theme. So, if we choose a wooden floor, it should be applied in the whole flat to make it look consistent.



Lighting is another significant factor.  With proper choice of lighting and points of light, we can make the flat look optically larger. With small interiors, points of light or wall lamps seem a good solution. Any room properly illuminated and bright will look bigger than it actually is.


Some more little tricks

Mirrors are a perfect solution for small interiors. They are useful, decorative and make the room look bigger. We can achieve the same effect with spacious photo wallpaper. There are many interesting patterns in the market, and the materials they are made of are very durable now. Another advantage is that they can also be washed and applied in bathrooms or other demanding places. Another way to make the space look larger is by using a set of furniture of the same height in one line, combined with pictures or other elements of the interior design.


Fitted furniture

We should keep in mind that in small accommodation we have little room for basic objects, therefore it is vital to apply proper systems for storing, cleaning or segregation. Here, there is place for everything and everything must be well thought of. Things all over the flat create a chaos and despite continuous tidying, we will have an impression of a permanent mess. If we choose a fitted wardrobe, it will probably store more than a traditional wardrobe. We may as well decide to install some storage cabinets under the ceiling, in such case we will be able to use any empty upper space, leaving the lower space for resting or comfortable moving around the house. In the kitchen, it is a good idea to build cabinets to the level just beneath the ceiling. This will allow storing all the equipment, and a little ladder, which will reach even the highest cupboards. We can make fitted furniture using space around wash basin, above the toilet, in the corridors or on the bedroom walls. There are many possibilities to choose from, and it depends on the potential of the space, creativity of the owner/or the architect and our expectations regarding the new design. It is not difficult to organize a small flat in a way that makes it functional, all it takes is an idea and learning a few useful tricks.

Amadeusz Kulczyk