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Interiors Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is one of the hottest interior design trend of the last years. It is popular for its warm and cosy design, which is simple and lights up any room. Another important factor is that interiors Scandinavian style are functional and beautiful, which makes them ideal for relaxing and spending time with family.

White and wood

Interiors of this type create a truly hospitable, family atmosphere. The colours used are bright and warm, based on white, shades of grey and sometimes brown. The prevailing material in Scandinavian style is natural wood. Floors in such homes are wooden and always in natural colour, mostly whitened or covered with white paint, varnish or oil. Wood used in this kind of design must give the impression of comfort and the floors should be bright and natural.



Lighting is an integral part of interiors of the Scandinavian style. In this type of design, there is tendency to use as much natural daylight as possible and avoid net curtains and heavy curtains. Curtains are used only for decoration with the help of carefully selected textile, to make the room look warmer. Only light, natural textiles such as linen and cotton are applied. Roller blinds are used for windows, left open during the day to allow sunlight that make the interiors look brighter. The advantage of the blinds is that they do not block the sunshine during the day because the take very little space, and at night they create an special atmosphere of intimacy. Artificial lighting should be applied with caution bearing its function. It should be minimalistic in form and – just like anything else in the Scandinavian style – made of natural materials. Simple metal lamps or those with paper lampshades are the best match in this type of interiors. Glass fittings are used for their excellent reflection of the light. The amount of lighting should be adequate, in order to make the interior look soft and warm.


Light and natural colours

The amount of colours is limited in this style of interiors. They should be natural and bright, to lighten up the home. They can be contrasted with shades of grey or brown, provided these will be in deliberate combinations. In addition, when arranging interiors Scandinavian style, a natural whitened brick is often applied. The brick is exposed on one of the walls to avoid the effect of overwhelming the room. Such solutions are used for decorative purposes but they are also a big part of the interior design process. In case of high rooms, with help of application of relevant materials, the brightening effect can really be impressive.

What accessories?

Accessories are another important element of decorating in Scandinavian style. This style is simple and functional but in order to make it look cosy, the right accessories should be applied. These can be large amounts of pillow, coverlets or blankets that make resting so pleasant. This builds a homely atmosphere filled with warmth and comfort. Elements of this type should be simple and made of natural materials such as cotton or linen. In addition, interiors should be filled with various photo frames, vases, candle holders – everything that builds the family- like atmosphere. Accessories liven up such interiors, so we can freely apply colours, for example on the pillows or when selecting flowers. One should remember that Scandinavian interiors need to be planned carefully in order to be coherent.

Scandinavian interiors are not suitable for all

Scandinavian interiors are not suitable for all. They are meant for someone who likes the warm and cosy style. Anyone keen on cold, simple forms or blaze of colours, should definitely consider design in a different style. However, if you dream of family atmosphere, full of soft, delicate accessories, bright colours, soft lighting and warmth of candles –  this style is ideal for you.