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Trends in interior design 2017

Trends in interior design 2017
Each year brings new trends and innovative solutions. This applies to furnishing as well as colours, patterns and design. What are the popular trends this year?


Warmer and more daring colours
Until recently, combination of grey and white was the top trend. This year seems to bring back the warm browns. They are combined in the form of wooden furniture, connected with grey floors or walls.
Another popular set of colours is the one referring to nature, i.e. all kinds of green and light blue. If combined with wood, they create an impression of being close to nature, very much in line with the current ecological trend.


Eco-design, i.e. ecological accessories

Accessories follow the new trend which brings the interiors close to nature. Extremely popular are lamps with the base made of natural wood. The offer for natural wood furniture also expands, being the response to the growing demand.  All kinds of coverlets and pillows made of natural textiles (or with plant/flower motives) also seem to be popular this year.
Another trend worth mentioning, is carpets made of natural plant and animal fibre such as cotton, jute, linen, goat fur or lamb wool, which replace artificial fitted carpets. This kind of ecological carpets are a good solution for people prone to allergies.


Artistic craft
Artistic craft became more and more popular in 2017. Hand- made objects have always been more precious than those produced on a large scale. While the latter are far more popular, 2017 shows that we are more and more eager to choose unique hand-made ornamentation. This year, the most popular are vases, flowerpots and decorative bowls, as well as pillows, coverlets, candlesticks or small furniture such as lamps.


Patchwork cement tiles

Modern, cement tiles that refer to Moroccan style, are new in the interior design this year. Their decorative qualities make them match nearly any interior – from bathroom, through living room to kitchen. The possibility to combine them into various colour and design combinations  – called patchworks- is their unique advantage. The possibilities are practically endless, and the patterns on the walls or floors are often unique. On the top, rich design and colours of the cement tiles, make them a great decorative element as such.


Hexagons – simplicity and variety
In 2017, in opposition to the ceramic tiles are the hexagon tiles. They remind of honey combs in their shapes, and are applied in nearly all kinds of interiors, on the walls and on the floors. They are usually in one colour, but their shape makes them an interesting decorative element. As opposed to cement patchwork tiles, hexagons are used in austere, modern interiors.


Open space – space comes first

One more trend is worth mentioning, with growing popularity in the last few years. It refers to the layout of interiors. It becomes more and more popular to give up the fixed layout based on the function of interiors, for the sake of spacious, open spaces. Closed kitchens or dining rooms are rare these days. More and more often, they are combined with living rooms, which gives the feeling of an extra space.